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L-39 modifications

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L-39 Modifications

• DV-2 Engine Upgrade

• Garrett 731 Engine Upgrade

• Winglets

GARRETT TFE 731 INSTALLATION - The L-39 was originally designed for the Garrett 731 family of engines. Aero Enterprises is the leader in upgrading Eastern Block aircraft to better engines. There are many advantages to installing a 731 in your L-39, including 25 to 30 % better fuel economy, longer maintenance intervals, increased performance and maintenance support from any US jet maintenance organization. The 731 has an unsurpassed record of reliability and performance. Our upgrade is designed for the -3 series of engines, but we can install any 731 variant. The -3 was chosen as it was the original version that the aircraft is designed for and it is the most prevalent. The -4 would be an increase in power at a higher cost, but can be done for the same installation costs.

Overhaul of your existing AI 25 will cost you between $175,000 and $250,000. Our upgrade can be installed for about half of that depending on the engine chosen. Our installation is designed to preserve the original aircraft structure as it was built by Aero to maintain the original strength and reliability. All instrumentation is replaced with either analog original US units designed for this engine or we can upgrade to any number of glass engine monitoring systems.

Flight testing has confirmed an increase in performance with the 731 even though it is rated the same as the AI 25 at 3800 lbs. thrust. This is due to the higher bypass ratio of the 731 making it more fuel efficient at the lower altitudes where the L-39 flies.. Couple that with a reduced weight and you get an increase in performance with a much lower fuel consumption.

Others may imitate, but none can duplicate Aero Enterprises ability and experience in upgrading your L-39. We hold several race course records at Reno with our upgraded aircraft. Let us show you how it's done.

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WINGLETS - The Aero Enterprises winglets will increase range, take off and climb performance, roll rates, and overall economy. The installation of this flight proven modification includes built in landing and nav lights. Cross country flights will leave the same amount of fuel in reserve while departing with 52 gallons less, paying for the installation in a very short time. An added benefit is a much nicer flying L-39. This modification is "Race Proven" at Reno where we hold the record as the worlds fastest L-39.

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