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L-29 modifications

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L-29 Modifications

• Viper Engine - Make your L-29 out perform all other subsonic jets. Our viper modified aircraft hold the absolute race course record at Reno. Several thrust increases available up to 3800 lbs.

• Canopy Seals Compressor

• Wet Wings

• Cleveland Wheels and Brakes

VIPER ENGINE INSTALLATION - Aero Enterprises has been installing Rolls Royce Viper engines in l-29's since 2004. This conversion has proven to be outstanding in terms of performance and reliability. With the Viper 601 your L-29 can out perform any L-39. The first 3 L-29 prototypes flew on an early version of the Viper engine. Our conversion will not change the original airframe structure in any way and will include all existing systems.
Several Air Show performers are using their Viper powered L-29's to amaze crows all across the country.

We offer all Viper variants, but the most common are the 535 at 3360 lbs. of thrust and the 601 at 3800 lbs. With several conversions flying around the world, it is the best bang for the buck in high performance jets. Our conversion holds the course record at Reno and has won every race it has ever flown in. Installation can be customized to your aircraft and options. This in NOT your grandfathers L-29.

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CANOPY SEALS COMPRESSOR - Our on board compressor will inflate and maintain your canopy seal inflation at the flip of a switch. coupled with our Cleveland wheel and brake conversion you can eliminate the cumbersome original pneumatic system all together.

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